Your pet’s dental health is just as important as yours!

Your pet’s dental health is just as important as yours!


Dog showing his teeth


When was the last time you cleaned your teeth?

When was the last time you cleaned your pet’s teeth?


Very few of us regularly clean our pet’s teeth:

    • It takes too much time
    • It is always a hassle
    • And do they really need it?
      • Well, ideally yes they do!


If you are like the majority of the pet owning population and don’t take care of your pet’s dental hygiene at home, then at least make sure they get a vet check once a year and take them for a dental de-scale and polish when it is recommended.


A dental de-scale and polish is just like your dental hygienist does but our patients need an anaesthetic to have it done. Whilst your pet is sleeping our veterinarian can have a good look around their mouth, she will be able identify any problem teeth and discuss treatment with you before they become painful and / or infected.


If you keep on top of their dental hygiene either by home care and brushing or regular de-scaling and polishing, your pet should have a healthy, happy mouth for life.


Sadly, many pet owners neglect to respond to the warning signs of dental disease such as:

  • Smelly breath,
  • Slower eating,
  • Less chewing of toys and chews and
  • Shying away when their head area is touched.
  • By the time these pets end up at the vet the dental work they need will be more serious and invasive.


Very often these pets are older pets and although old age does not prevent us from giving an anaesthetic, the younger and the healthier the pet the quicker they recover.  We do have specialist anaesthetists on staff who can take care of higher risk patients, please request this.


Luckily many pets these days are insured and many of these insurance policies will cover necessary dental work. If your pet is insured and you are concerned about your pet’s teeth it’s worth enquiring if it will be covered under their policy. If you are getting towards the end of your year and still have benefit available it’s worth booking your pet’s necessary dental to “use up” the benefit and start next year afresh.


To make a booking for dental work please call us on 012 991 3573 or if you would like to start home dental care come and chat to our shop staff or book an appointment with Susann who will give you a tooth brushing demo.


Please note that if your pet already has periodontal disease (sore gums) they will need to be booked in for dental work before you start home care as you will only make things worse by trying to brush whilst their mouth is so sore.



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