Which vet do I see?

Who can help me?

All of our veterinarians can see your dog or cat for any problem but some are specialists or have special interests so it is always best where possible to see the right vet first time.

If you are unsure who to book an appointment with please call reception on 012 991 3573 and they will assist or you can just book to see your favourite vet!

Vaccinations and general check-ups are seen by all of our GP veterinarians and can be seen at any time. Click for our opening times.

Our specialist veterinarians take referral patients internally from our own veterinarians and from veterinary practice all over Southern Africa.

Veterinarians with special interests

Our hospital support team includes Dr Gareth Zeiler (Specialist Anaesthetist) for high risk anaesthetic cases, pain management and critical care patients as well as a large team of qualified veterinary nurses and Animal Health Technicians.

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