Our four-legged friends

need your help

Help us to help them by giving back

Pets give us companionship, love, and emotional support, they get us up in the morning, get us out in the fresh air, they promote a sense of responsibility and caring within us.

Sadly, not all pets are so lucky. In South Africa, at this time the animal shelters are full to bursting. Financial support and donations are dwindling as people are having to stretch their own finances.

At Valley Farm, we try to do a little bit of good to help those pets less fortunate than our own. There are a number of charities that we support, and we hope you will like to as well.


Become a lifesaver and help us stock our blood bank

We are always looking for new donor dogs to join our team of life savers.

Animals can donate blood, without any harm to themselves, just as people do. Like humans, animals have different blood groups and test kits are available so that we can test your dog and select the safest donor blood type, which is DEA1.1 negative.

There is much less demand for blood transfusions for cats. We will usually take blood from the donor cat and immediately transfuse it into the sick cat. Cats that are donors need to be restricted indoors to prevent accidental transmission of the viral diseases FIV and FeLV which would then be passed on to the recipient.

If you would like your dog to join our Life Savers, please call Rencke at 012 991 3573 or email pharmacy@valleyfarmvet.co.za




The South African Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinics work tirelessly to support veterinarians who provide education and primary veterinary care for animals in very low-income communities. For every pet vaccinated or sterilised at Valley Farm, we make a donation to the CVC.


Is a non-profit organisation that rescues abused and abandoned cats and kittens and then tries to find them new homes. Valley Farm Animal Hospital supports them by hosting events, giving discounted veterinary care, and showcasing all the kittens and cats that are available for adoption.


The association works in the training of dogs to help people who are visually impaired or physically disabled to assist them in gaining more independence, mobility, and companionship. Valley Farm Animal Hospital is their designated Pretoria veterinary practice for puppy walkers and discounted veterinary care.

SPCA Tshwane

A non-profit organisation that covers approximately 6200 km2 and stretches as far as Centurion, Bronkhorstspruit, Temba, Soshanguve, and Hartebeespoort. SPCA Tshwane is an animal welfare organisation that acknowledges that all animals as sentient beings and strives to prevent their cruelty and exploitation. Valley Farm Animal Hospital supports them through events, supplying medical supplies and the practice collects donations of money and items for them to sell in the SPCA shop.

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