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At the Valley Farm Veterinary Hospital, our team of compassionate and motivated specialists, surgeons,  veterinarians, and nurses work together with you to provide the best care and outcome possible for your dog, cat, bird or exotic pet.

Our hospital has been purpose-built to provide the perfect stress-free environment for your pets, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, soft tissue and orthopeadic operating theatres, patient wards, in-house laboratory, diagnostics including CT and MRI, X-ray and ultrasound, as well as fully equipped consultation and examination rooms.

caring hands

Pets change our lives.

We're on a quest to change theirs.

We are here whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, for advice, to pick something up from our shop or order medication from our fully stocked pharmacy.

We take pride (mixed with lots of love) in providing the best possible care for your pet!
With you help, we hope to make a difference in the lives of these wonderful animals.

How we Help

Physical Care

We do more than simply treat your pet; we care for their life, from birth to old age. Prevention is always best , which is why we are here for the little things like vaccinations, quality pet foods, tick and flea prevention and dewormers.


It is essential that all pets are adequately vaccinated. Responsible pet care requires puppies & kittens to be given their initial course of vaccinations, and all adult dogs & cats require annual vaccination to maintain immunity against serious diseases.

Emergency Care

Sometimes emergencies happen. We know that your pets are important to you and always do our best to be there for them in these situations. That is why we are open 24/7 with a veterinarian on duty to help you.

Parasite Control

All pets should be protected against harmful parasites that they encounter in their day to day lives; ticks, fleas and worms can cause harm to your pet (and some even to you and other 2 legged family members).


There are many reasons to de-sex your dog or cat; from unwanted litters to harmful diseases. The most common age to desex your pet is between 6 and 8 months, however, they are never too old to be desexed. Come and chat to us about what is best for your pet.

Let us help you spoil them

Don't worry we have you covered with everything you could possibly want to show how much you love them. Our shop is open 24/7 to be there for you.


If your pet is not microchipped please give us a call to make an appointment to have one inserted. If you find a lost pet please call us to arrange a scan, we can reunite microchipped pets with their worried owners.


Our vets’ have a high level of expertise and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite that allows us to perform almost any operation your pet may require, from routine sterilisation surgeries right through to spinal surgery.

Our staff on there 24/7 to take care of them post operatively.

Dental care

Just like humans, our pets are vulnerable to gum disease and problems with their teeth resulting in many pets unnecessarily suffering tooth loss, gum infections, and pain. We have the most up-to-date dental equipment to carry out any dental procedures your pet may require.

Our Hospital Services

Emergency Services 24/7

You can bring your pet to our emergency department at any time and no appointment is necessary. We have a vet on duty at all times with specialists and surgeons on call for critical cases.


We are proud to be one of the very few veterinary hospitals in South Africa that has a dedicated team of specialists in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia offering support services for high-risk patients, surgeries and procedures. The anesthesia team advise on targeted pain control for acute and chronic pain.

Diagnostic Imaging

Using the right type of imaging and being able to interpret the images is critical. We have digital radiology, ultrasonography, CT and MRI scan capabilities. They allows us to quickly and accurately establish a diagnosis in anon-invasive way


Heart problems are common in older dogs and cats but can be seen in pets of all ages and with other medical issues. Diagnosis and management for your pets best health

Critical Care

Our hospital has an intensive care unit with all the equipment necessary to care for the most critically ill cats and dogs. Emergency and Critical Care vets are on call and available 24/7.


Giving your pet a pain-free bite is an important part of life, decaying teeth and infections can cause heart and liver disease. Our Dental department offers a variety of preventative care; hygienist appointments as well as advanced dental work.

Hospital Care

We provide care for patients that require post operative care, for those receiving treatments and undergoing tests in temperature controlled wards, monitored day and night by our veterinarians and a team of nurses.


From comprehensive eye exams to treatments, and ongoing management as well as advanced surgery including cataract removal. The Ophthalmology service provides screening examinations of pets for recognised hereditary eye diseases.


Cancers often require a range of treatments for best effect. Our veterinarians work as a team to provide chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and the surgical removal of the tumors with reconstruction of the tissues. They are supported by specialists in anesthesia, diagnostic imaging, and more.



Veterinary physiotherapists and veterinary nurses provide physiotherapy for inpatients.


Our specialist vet takes care of issues that can arise during breeding, pregnancy, as well as abnormalities directly associated with the reproductive system, breeding soundness sex aminations, estrous monitoring, and AI (fresh semen).


Our theatre department is extremely well equipped allowing us to perform a full range of both soft tissue or orthopedic surgeries. We use the latest techniques for the best possible outcomes and welfare of your pet. 24/7vet care for recovery and critical care specialists for complex cases.

Electro-chemotherapy for Cats for SCC

Our specialist team has achieved a response rate of 87,5% after one session of all Squamous Cell Carcinoma(SCC) cases.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Used to treat Intervertebral Disc Disease, post surgical wound healing, specifically those with inflammation or severe swelling, Bite wounds or other crushing injuries, Skin infections and skin grafts, Snake bites, Head trauma

Stem Cell Therapy

Many conditions can benefit from stem cell therapy including keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eye) and Osteoarthritis.

CPD Events


We regularly hold FREE SAVC-accredited events at Valley Farm.  Each event is designed to be full of practical insights that you can use immediately to benefit your patients in your practice.

Upcoming events: 


If you would like to join our mailing list please complete the form by clicking here. 

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Valuable info from our practice

Click here to read some of our informative content.


Our team

Meet our team who are here just for you and your pets

Since first opening our doors in 1998, we have pursued the vision of being able to offer a multi-disciplinary service providing expertise across the spectrum of veterinary specialties.

At the heart of our approach is teamwork, we now have a complement of over 80 members caring for your best friend.


Odi the Cat
(the real boss)
Dr. Tim Krafft
Director & Surgery Lead


Dr. Dean de Kock
Director & Medicine Lead


Dr Gareth
Dr Gareth Zeiler
Specialist Anaesthesia, Emergency & Critical Care

(BVSc (Hons), MMedVet (Anaes), Dip EVAA, Dip ACVVA, PhD)

Dr Lo-An Odayar
Specialist Opthalmology

(BVSc, MMed Vet Ophthal)

Dr Judith Benjafield
Specialist Dentistry


Dr Dorianne Elliot
Specialist Avian & Exotics

(DipVetNur, BVSc)

Dr. Susan Fouche
Specialist Gynaecology

(BVSc, MMedVet Gynaecology)

Dr Ryan Friedlein
Specialist Medicine

(BSc, BVScHons, MMedVet Medicine)

Dr Marthinus Hartman
Specialist Surgeon


Dr Magdalenea Jannasch
Anaesthesia Resident

(BScAgric Animal Science, BVSc)

Dr Etienne Basson
Anesthesia Resident

(BVSc, MSc)

Dr Marinell
Dr Marinell Breytenbach
Emergency & Critical Care

(BScMicrobiology, BVScHons)

Dr Anthea Michaletos
Dr Anthea Michaletos
Emergency & Critical Care


Dr Matthew Burgershoff
General Practioner


Dr Anelia Buys
General Practioner


Dr Kira Coetzee
General Practioner


Dr Miri Smit
General Practitioner


Dr Jeanette Uys
General Practitioner


Dr Shannon van Rooyen
General Practioner


Dr Anel
Dr Anel Ligthelm
After-hours Veterinarian


Dr Cornel
Dr Cornel Rosslee
After-Hours Veterinarian


Dr Bekesela Maposa
After-hours Veterinarian


Dr Claudia Bakker
Dr Claudia Bakker
Rotating Intern


Alma du Preez

(Veterinary Physiotherapy cum laude, BSc(Agric) Animal Science)

Nursing Team

Our veterinarians are supported by our large team of expert and committed nursing and rehabilitation teams.

Sr Riani de Kock
Matron & Hospital Manager
Sr Celine Lamprecht
Sr. Marlize
Sr Bianca Steyn
Sr Klaudia
Sr Elrise Roberts
Sr Chene van Heerden
Sr Kayleigh Miller
Sr Rene Swart
Sr Wendy
Sr Tia
Mrs. Meisie Malatse
Care of hospitalised exotics

Management Team



Julia van Draanen
Operations Manager
Ellen Heydenrych
HR & Financial Manager
Deliana Jacobs
Shop Manager
Brian Phasane
Ruan Visser
Rencke van der Westhuizen
Pharmacist Assistant

Birds, Reptiles & Other Unusual Animals

We can treat your avian and unusual pets every day – such as Rabbits, Reptiles(snakes, turtles, lizards, spiders), rodents, and small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, birds of prey, and almost every other type of native animal.
Every pet and animal that visits us is given the same high standard of care and attention – the kind that ensures they live a happy and healthy life.

To make an appointment please call us on 012 991 3573 or book online 24/7.

We look forward to helping you with any of the following services and care

  • General health consultations
  • Preventative health (desexing, vaccinations, etc)
  • Full diagnostics (eg, blood, urine, faecal examinations)
  • Advanced imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopy)
  • Annual health examinations
  • Preventative and
    remedial surgery
  • Nutritional advice, care sheets, and training
  • Microchipping
  • 24h Emergency care
  • Direct access to a range of in-house veterinary specialists
  • DNA sexing (birds)
  • Chlamydia (psittacosis) and
  • Psittacine beak and feather (PBFD) testing (birds)
  • Dedicated exotics and avian hospital ward
  • New pet health checks
  • Bird grooming
    Rabbit / rodent dental care
  • Nail and beak clipping
  • Complete dental care
  • Avian behavioural consultations

Everything your pets need 24/7

Valley Farm’s shop offers a wide range of high quality products for pets of all ages, as well as all the basics for birds and many of those unusual animals.
All our shop staff undergo extensive pet nutrition training and product training, so can assist you to make the right choice.
If you don’t have time to drop in why not place an order for food or merchandise.

Just call us on 012 9913573 or mail your order to 

We will SMS you when your order is ready for collection or ask for us to courier it.

We will always have what you need


All the foods we sell in the shop come with a 100% money back guarantee, because we know how good they are! If your pet won’t eat the food or if does not suit them we will refund your money if you return the remaining food (more than 50% of the bag) to us in the original packaging.


We stock a wide range of feeds, care and cleaning products


Treats and chews Steps & ramps to assist mobility Oral care Hygiene and Skin care Health Supplements Tick and deworming Training & Dog Diapers


Choose from our wide range ofToys Travel accessories Beds and Blankets Leads & collars Jackets

Our four-legged friends

need your help

Help us to help them by giving back

Pets give us companionship, love, and emotional support, they get us up in the morning, get us out in the fresh air, they promote a sense of responsibility and caring within us.

Sadly, not all pets are so lucky. In South Africa, at this time the animal shelters are full to bursting. Financial support and donations are dwindling as people are having to stretch their own finances.

At Valley Farm, we try to do a little bit of good to help those pets less fortunate than our own. There are a number of charities that we support, and we hope you will like to as well.


Care for the best health

Cover for the worst

To link the two aspects of healthcare we can offer our members a % discount with MediHelp pet insurance.  This way they can reward you further for your commitment to keeping your beloved pet in the best of health.

Yorkie in incubator




The South African Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinics work tirelessly to support veterinarians who provide education and primary veterinary care for animals in very low-income communities. For every pet vaccinated or sterilised at Valley Farm, we make a donation to the CVC.


Is a non-profit organisation that rescues abused and abandoned cats and kittens and then tries to find them new homes. Valley Farm Animal Hospital supports them by hosting events, giving discounted veterinary care, and showcasing all the kittens and cats that are available for adoption.


The association works in the training of dogs to help people who are visually impaired or physically disabled to assist them in gaining more independence, mobility, and companionship. Valley Farm Animal Hospital is their designated Pretoria veterinary practice for puppy walkers and discounted veterinary care.

SPCA Tshwane

A non-profit organisation that covers approximately 6200 km2 and stretches as far as Centurion, Bronkhorstspruit, Temba, Soshanguve, and Hartebeespoort. SPCA Tshwane is an animal welfare organisation that acknowledges that all animals as sentient beings and strives to prevent their cruelty and exploitation. Valley Farm Animal Hospital supports them through events, supplying medical supplies and the practice collects donations of money and items for them to sell in the SPCA shop.



We believe in empowering you, our colleagues to help your patients and their owners.

To this end, our team is always available to assist with advice, support, and supply the services your practice may not be able to.

Referring a Patient

To ensure a smooth visit for your client, please schedule an appointment or for an urgent case, call ahead to let us know they are on their way. Please send us a basic history and lab results or x-rays that pertain to the current problem.

We prefer this via email ( or you can send it with the client but we know your time is precious and if you just want to take quick screenshots and send them by WhatsApp (066 302 2901) you are welcome to do so as long as they are legible.

Clients are increasingly cost-sensitive and become very upset if we need to repeat tests etc because we do not have the patient information from the referring vet.

Client Accounts

  • Our clients are required to pay a 50% deposit on admission to the hospital and settle the balance on discharge.
  • For clients that require a little assistance with their accounts, we have partnered with Mediwallet.
  • With a preauthorization from Medipet and One Plan we can do a direct claim for accounts over R15,000, the client will just need to pay 20% of the expected total upfront.

Over Night Care

We are fully staffed at night, with a veterinarian, a veterinary nurse, AHT, and support staff on duty, and are always happy to provide overnight care for your in-patients.
For critical patients, there is the option to have on-site care from an Emergency and Critical Care resident.
Overnight cases must arrive before 7 pm and be collected by 9am the following day. We will require a full history and contact numbers for the decision-makers should the patient’s condition require changes to their treatment.

Our Price List

The list below covers most of the common types of cases referred to us but we are able to assist with other less common conditions, please contact us for an estimate if you do not see what you need here. Whilst we have tried to include all expected expenses these are just estimates and a more tailored cost can be given after the initial consultation / examination.

Medicine Work-up and diagnostics
Patients will be admitted on day of consultation and should arrive having been starved for 12hrs
Including consultation and most necessary diagnostic work R9,000 – R14,000

Diagnostic procedure and report only

A patient can be referred for a diagnostic test only but will need to see one of our veterinarians for a consultation before we proceed. Prices below do NOT include the consultation fee.
CT Scan: incl. anesthetic, contrast as necessary, CT scan and report R6,000 – R8,000

Referral Price List March 2023

  • The list below covers most of the common types of cases referred to us but we are able to assist with other less common conditions, please contact us for an estimate if you do not see what you need here.
  • Whilst we have tried to include all expected expenses these are just estimates and a more tailored cost can be given after the initial consultation / examination.

To make a booking: 

Phone: +27129913573 | email: | Whats App: +27663022901 

Please send patient history, reports, test results and radiographs for all referral patients.

 Patients will be admitted on day of consultation and should arrive having been starved for 12hrs

Medical work up

 Inc. Consultation and most necessary diagnostic work.

R9,000 – R14,000

A patient can be referred for diagnostic test only but will need to see one of our veterinarians for a consultation before we proceed.      

                                              Prices below do NOT include the consultation.

 CT Scan

Incl. Anaesthetic, CT scan and report

Contrast as necessary

 R6,000 – R8,000

Ultrasound scan


R1,200 – R2,800

Endoscopy examination

Nasal Scope and CT of nose



R8,000 – R10,000



(Pretoria Pet MRI situated on-site)

Inc. anaesthetic, MRI scan and report



CSF collection and analysis  

Inc. anaesthetic, CSF sampling and analysis



 Such as squamous cell carcinomas, fibrosarcoma, melanoma and mast cell tumours specifically when lesions are in difficult surgical positions to obtain clear margins. Chemo medication injected and electro therapy applied under anaesthetic. Most Patients only need one treatment   

For more information contact Dr Ryan Friedlein on 082 379 9056


Inc. specialist consultation

R5,000 – R6,000

 Follow up treatment


R3,500 – R4,500

  •  Only for canine patients >13Kg body weight
  • The below prices do NOT include sedation for the duration of the dialysis treatment as most pets will not need.
  • All except Subsequent treatment include the cost of central venous catheter placement.  
  • Acute cases usually need +/- 3 session
  • Chronic cases usually need twice weekly sessions
  • For more information contact Dr Marinell Breytenbach at  

Renal Dialysis   

Acute and chronic renal Failure.

Heart failure with pulmonary oedema  


Subsequent treatments



Plasma Exchange Dialysis

Immune mediated disease


Activated Charcoal Dialysis

Acute intoxication


 Useful for cranial and spinal trauma / IVDD recovery, also to assist delayed bone healing, skin healing.

 One hour session

Patient size limited by size of chamber to +/- 20Kg dog


 Currently used for pain management of osteoarthritis cases, keratoconjunctivitis sicca and cycad toxicity treatment. For more information 
contact Sr. Eugeni Koegelenberg at   


 R13,000 – R18,000


With Dr Lo-an Odayar


Stem Cell Therapy

For keratoconjunctivitis sicca

R13,000 – R16,000

 Cataract surgery unilateral  

Inc. ERG and ultrasound


 Cataract surgery bilateral

Inc. ERG and ultrasound


 Replacement lens on above

Price per lens



Specialist Anaesthetist




 All cost estimates given include the surgery as stated and post op care for 24hrs after the surgery. Pre-op stabilisation and workups are not included neither is ongoing post op care, physio or revisits for dressings or x-rays.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Fractures: For more accurate estimate send X-rays to or by What’s App to 066 302 2901



–        Ilium

–        Sacroiliac luxation per side

–        Acetabulum


R17,000 – R25,000


R22,500 – R29,000

 Long bones

–        Plate Osteosynthesis

–        Large / complicated


–        External skeletal fixation




R17,000 – R24,000

Up to R35,000


R15,000- R20,000

Surgery of the thoracic limb  


–        OCD per side

–         Biceps release





R12,550 – R16,600



–        T or Y fractures


–        Fragmented Medical Coronoid








Surgery of the Pelvic limb


–        FHNE

–        Open reduction







–        TPLO


–        CCW (cranial closing wedge)


–        TTA


–        CBLO


–        Extracapsular


–        MPL: Tibial crest transposition


–        MPL: Ridgestop


Small dogs less than 15Kg

Large dogs

Small dogs less than 15Kg


Small dogs less than 15Kg


Small dogs less than 10Kg



Small dogs 5kg to 15Kg

Large dogs

Small dogs 5Kg to 15Kg

Large dogs





R22,000 – R24,000

R28,000 – R34,000



R24,000 – R28,000








The estimates listed include the necessary imaging required to diagnose and 5 days post-operative hospitalisation


Disc disease

Small dogs less than 15Kg

Large dogs

R30,00 – R35,000

R38,000 – R45,000

Vertebral fracture


R35,000 – R45,000

Atlantoaxial subluxation



Cardio / respiratory

Laryngeal debarking



Laryngeal tie back



Brachycephalic syndrome surgery


Inc: soft pallet resection, nares


Lung lobectomy


R28,000 – R34,000




Abdominal – GIT

Exploratory Laparotomy

With histopathology samples

R16,000 – R20,000

GDV including gastropexy

If medically stable

R14,000 – R20,000

Gastrotomy / enterotomy

Inc. two nights post-operative hospitalisation  




Inc. two nights post- operative hospitalisation


Abdominal – Urinary  


Inc. two nights post- operative hospitalisation  



–        Perineal

–        Scrotal

Inc. three nights post- operative hospitalisation  


R16,00 – R19,000


Consultation Fee


With Dr Dorianne Elliot

NB: We are unable to assist with venomous snakes and large primates.



Bird Grooming


Wings, Beak, Nails


Per area: R115

Rabbit Dental


Simple no extractions. Includes GA



Consultation Fee

 With Dr Susan Fouche


Follow up Consultation fee

 With Dr Susan Fouche


 For all of the below add a consultation fee for the first visit and a follow up consultation for subsequent visits

Oestrous Monitoring

Inc. Vaginoscopy and vaginal cytology


Breeding Soundness exam for Male dogs

Inc. Semen collection and evaluation (BSE)


Artificial Insemination – Fresh semen

Inc. Semen collection and evaluation and insemination


Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy ultrasound


Become a lifesaver and help is stock our blood bank

We are always looking for new donor dogs to join our team of life savers.

Animals can donate blood, without any harm to themselves, just as people do. Like humans, animals have different blood groups and test kits are available so that we can test your dog and select the safest donor blood type, which is DEA1.1 negative.

There is much less demand for blood transfusions for cats. We will usually take blood from the donor cat and immediately transfuse it into the sick cat. Cats that are donors need to be restricted indoors to prevent accidental transmission of the viral diseases FIV and FeLV which would then be passed on to the recipient.

If you would like your dog to join our Life Savers, please call Rencke at 012 991 3573 or email

Save time and book online

All consultations are by appointment only and for your convenience you can
Book Online or call us on 012 991 3573.

For any referrals, please complete this for 

  • Walk-in clients will be assisted as soon as possible but appointments will take precedence.
  • It is essential to pre book consultations for more specialised services such as dentistry, export consultations, pregnancy scans, and operations.

Our consulting hours are:
Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 19:00
Saturday: 09:00 to 13:00.
All other hours are emergency consultations only.

Emergencies will always be seen without an appointment.

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