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Vacation time for pets

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We recommend wearing an old T-shirt for a few evenings (sleep in it) and taking this with for Fluffy and Fido have their Mommy’s / Daddy’s smell with them.

Try not to purchase new toys / bedding when booking your pet in, rather take the old stuff that smells like home.  Familiar smells help reduce stress.


It is very important to remember their vaccination book, vaccines must be up to date and ideally should be done at least two weeks before to allow your pet’s immune system to fully respond to the vaccine. Both cats and dogs should get an extra vaccination if going in to kennels Bb intranasal for cats and Kennel Cough for dogs. Let’s face it the day of drop off will be rushed and stressful so we really suggest you try to get as much done ahead of time so you can concentrate on the nice stuff on the day.


If fluffy or Fido need any medication make sure you have plenty and it is clearly labelled. Make sure the staff understand the instructions before you leave. If you pet needs prescription food you will need to provide this too.


Your contact details whilst you are away and that of your pet’s regular vet are very important.


Now we all know our pets are special but if Fido or Fluffy have some extra special needs or habits, do let the staff know. Some dogs are taught to poop on command, maybe Fluffy will only eat food that is NOT in a bowl and likes running water to drink. If Fido needs a blanket to tunnel under to sleep, please inform the staff and make sure you provide enough towels to allow for washing days.


However much you want to hug them and kiss them half to death before you leave, remember our pets are sensitive to our moods and if they sense you are anxious and upset you will cause them distress and it will be harder for them to settle. Keep things calm and neutral…then you can go and cry in the car!


For more information of what to look for when booking a kennel or cattery please click here for our detailed article. https://valleyfarmvet.co.za/news-and-info/finding-your-pet…day-accomodation/


We offer R100 discount on vaccinations between 12 o’clock midday and 4pm Monday to Friday (excl Public Holidays) These must be Pre-Booked to take advantage of the discount.

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