The benefit of prescription foods

Dalmatian Love

Just like us some pets have medical conditions that mean that some types of foods / nutrients are not good for them.

These are the pets that need to be fed a prescription food.

A great deal of research and development has gone in to the formulation of these foods and it really is only the super premium brands that have the resources to invest in this.  High quality and novel ingredients are used.

For some pets the need for a Prescription food is short term; recovery from a surgery, for weight loss or for an upset stomach. For others it is a lifelong commitment, ie diabetics, those with renal failure, dietary allergies or IBS.

Some prescription foods just have ingredients increased / decreased for a certain disease process such as low protein in pets with renal disease but many are much more specialised. There are weight loss foods that have ingredients that help the body burn excess fat and intestinal foods that contain gut soothing ingredients.

Prescription foods can only be sold by veterinarians as they are usually just part of a treatment protocol to manage or correct disease. They are used in conjunction with other lifestyle changes, medications and operations. It is important that you have your vet’s expertise and support when treating your sick pet.

Prescription foods do cost a little more than regular foods. Some of the insurance companies offer a small amount of compensation towards this. Very often if you weigh up what would need to be spent on vet visits or medications if your pet was not being maintained and managed on the food it makes it worth it. Knowing that you are doing the best for your pet and not allowing them to suffer is even more worth the money spent.

If the veterinarian recommends a prescription food for your pet it is important that you introduce it gradually so your pet will accept it. Also remember to ask your vet about any treats you give your pet, you might have to find “healthy” options to replace these as well.

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