Soft tissue surgery

The most common soft tissue procedure is the sterilisation surgery most pets have at about 6 months of age but it covers a very board range of procedures.

It includes everything from surgery on

  • The skin
    • (Tumor resections,
    • Skin reconstruction),
  • Ear nose and throat procedures
    • (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome,
    • Pinnectomies,
    • Total ear canal ablations,
    • Bulla osteotomies,
    • Tracheal collapse,
    • Laryngeal paralysis etc.),
  • Intrathoracic (chest) surgery
    • (intra thoracic tumors,
    • Pericardiectomis,
    • Chylothorax, lung lobectomies),
  • Liver surgeries
    • (liver lobectomies, portosystemic shunts,
    • Gallbladder resection etc.)
  • Urogenital surgery
    • (incontinence surgery,
    • Prostatic surgery,
    • Nephrectomy, ectopic ureter etc.),
  • Endocrine surgery
    • (partial pancreatectomies,
    • Adrenalectomies,
    • Thyroidectomy),
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
    • (Tumor and foreign body resections,
    • Partial colectomies,
    • Gastric surgery etc.)

Some of the surgeries are simple with patients just being here for the day, others are much more complex / high risk and patients require in-hospital post-operative care

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