Senior Pets Healthcare

We love them to pieces but often we don’t notice gradual changes or we put changes in behaviour and health down to “old age”.  We might shorten their walks, give them softer food, add an extra blankie on their bed but there is so much more we can and should be doing for our older pets.

Valley Farm would like to help you help your pet stay young and healthy for longer.

Large breed dogs (25Kg or more) are considered senior when 7 years or older, smaller breeds and cats from about 10 years of age.  This is the time when we should start a more preventative approach to slow down or limit “old age” changes. 

We are offering comprehensive Senior Health Screening for only R2,999 (valued at R4,400)

This includes:

  • Full history taking and listing of any concerns that you have or signs you have noticed

  • Full hands-on top to toes examination including listening to the lungs and heart.

  • Blood Smear – This is to look at the different types of blood cells, how many and how healthy they are. This simple test gives us HUGE amounts of information.

  • Biochemistry blood tests – to look at organ function such as liver and kidneys, to check for diabetes etc.

  • Urinalysis – to look at kidney function, possible infections or bladder or urinary problems

  • Chest X-ray – helps us detect some common heart or lung conditions found in older pets.

  • Report card of all findings and recommendations

  • On-going support in monitoring your pet’s health

  • FREE follow up appointment in 6months for re-evaluation.

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