Schedule a procedure

Schedule dentistry, an operation or other procedure

All operations, dentistry and in-hospital treatments or tests (except emergencies) need to be pre-booked. Please phone reception on 012 991 3573.


It is best to give a few days’ notice to schedule these. Routine procedures are done Monday to Friday.


Always request an estimate of costs before treatment. We do not run accounts and payment for all treatment will be required at the time of consultation. If your pet is insured please bring a claim form along and our staff will complete these for you.


Most pets that need to have surgery or dentistry or who come to our hospital for tests or treatment, will need sedation or an anaesthetic. Pets having an anaesthetic need to be starved for 12 hours prior to the procedure. This means no food after 10pm the night before admission (no breakfast) but they can have water up until they come in. This is to prevent vomiting on induction or recovery which could lead to suffocation or aspiration pneumonia. If your pet is diabetic please discus starving with a veterinarian first.


On the day please arrive between 07:00 and 08:00 or as specifically organised. A veterinarian or nurse will admit your pet to the hospital. You will be asked to sign a Hospital Consent Form. This is your time to tell us anything that you think we should know and to ask any questions that you have. For most cases you will be requested to pay a 50% deposit of the estimated amount at the time of admission.


Most pets who come in for routine procedures can usually go home after 16:00 but please call before coming to collect.




Many people are concerned about their pet having an anesthetic, especially those with older pets. Although there is always a risk with any anaesthetic, we do everything we can to reduce the risks.  We have the facilities, staff, and ability, to tailor an anaesthetic protocol for individual patients. Dr Gareth Zeiler is a Specialist Anaesthetist, and he and his team are here to minimise any anaesthetic risks.


Hospital Stay


Sometimes it is necessary for a pet to stay in the hospital for tests, treatments or post-operative care. We know pets are loved members of your family, and we do all we can to keep them comfortable and relaxed. We are able to provide most home comforts and ask that you please not leave personal belongings with your pet. If you pet has special likes, dislikes or commands they respond to, please let us know.


There are set visiting hours and we ask you to please respect these times as this allows our staff to take care of your pet, and for your pet to rest.


In-Patient Visiting Times

ALL patient visits have been suspended except in very critical cases. Visits will be at the veterinarian’s discretion.