Puppy School

  • Have you recently got a new puppy?
  • Do you want your pup to be a social butterfly and learn some new things along the way?
  • Why not join the Valley Farm Puppy school?


We offer a 6 week course for puppies aged 8-16 weeks to socialise with other pups, learn a few tricks and for everyone to have fun.


Why 8-16 weeks?


This is the most crucial time for pups to socialise and retain the experience they get from interacting with other pups and different people.


What do we offer over this 6 week periods of training?


The puppies get time to socialise with each other while the parents learn something new about their pups. The pups get to learn 10-15 new tricks in 6 weeks. Parents get advice with regards to training at home and the health of their new pup. Everyone gets to meet new people and have fun while learning.

We cover puppy nutrition, internal and external parasites, vaccinations, sterilisations, dental hygiene and grooming.


The first class is an introduction and the final class is graduation where we have a prize giving, dress up and an obstacle course.


Join our puppy school for a fun way to socialise on Tuesday evenings on Valley Farm property. You can enquire by phoning 012 991 3573 or you can send an email to reception@valleyfarmvet.co.za

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