Puppy classes

School for puppies and their families


Valley Farm Animal Hospital Puppy School cates for puppies between 8 and 20 weeks of age. Our classes are split for different age groups to cater for their specific needs. The pups between 8 and 16 weeks of age make up one class and the older pups between 16 and 20 weeks the other class.


A new term starts every two months. The classes usually take place on a Tuesday or Thursday evening from 7.30pm to 8.30pm


Each term is six weeks long and covers the full range of subjects. Our trainers believe hands-on puppy time is essential in class so we use a private What’s App group covering important theory topics for additional information ie video and article links.


Our teachers are all trained by Dr Quixi Sonntag, veterinarian and animal behaviour expert. Their knowledge and passion make Valley Farm Animal Hospital Puppy School perfect for all levels of puppy owner; from the novice, never had a pup before, to the old hand with many years’ experience.


There is always something new to learn!


Our Grade One pups (8-16weeks) learn how to cope with every day situations as well as all the basic commands they need such as sit, walk to heel etc., our teachers will alert you to possible problems by teaching you to recognise your, and your pup’s, behaviours.

The older pups (16-20weeks) course is aimed more at assisting owners with problem behaviours such as barking and digging. We will also focus on the handling of your pet, giving tablets and ensuring your pup is well socialised and comfortable in new environments.


Our teachers train you to train your pup with positive reinforcement. We use fun games, supervised puppy play time, and plenty of hands-on support for you and puppy.


Our obstacle course to test everyone’s training in lesson six is always great fun. Of course the teachers are here to answer any puppy-related questions you may have.


The teachers also pride themselves on having the best Puppy School graduates teaching you to teach your pup some fun tricks to wow your family and friends.


The classes are held at the practice which gives your puppy a chance to become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of the practice in a positive atmosphere. Should it be necessary we also offer additional de-sensitisation visits. There is no charge for these.


You will receive a file with class notes and handouts for you to do your homework and document puppy’s progress. The homework for each class is always fun and relevant and we reward you with a take home doggy pack. The homework subjects include nutrition, grooming, parasites and first aid.


The cost per course is R950.


For more information about our Puppy School, or to enrol for a course, please email us on reception@valleyfarmvet.co.za\

Pups must have had at least their first vaccination ten days before they start classes and keep up to date with their vaccines during the course.


Remember, we are not just training puppies, we are also teaching you, their owner, to communicate with them and to learn their body language. This will mean you are better equipped to have your puppy in the human world, so that you both can live a happy life together.


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