Please order all medication 24hours in advance. Medication for collection at the weekend needs to be ordered by 9am on Friday. We will SMS you when your medication is ready to collect.


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Dispensing of medication, even medication for pets is regulated by the Medicines and Related Substances act 101 of 1965 and it’s amendments. This means that we have to comply with these laws when we are dispensing medication for patients under our care.


The following laws apply:

Schedule 3 and above medication cannot be dispensed unless the animal is a patient of ours and has been seen in the last six months.


Schedule 3 veterinary products (eg. Rimadyl, Previxox and Metacam) and Schedule 4 medications can only be dispensed after a full clinical visit. At the veterinarian’s discretion up to 5 additional repeats (6 months of treatment) can be given.


Schedule 5 (eg. Phenobabitone, Clomicalm, Tramahexal) and above are medications that can be abused and even more strict laws apply. All must have a full clinical examination before they can be dispensed.


Schedule 5 meds can be dispensed for up to 6 months use. Schedule 6 and above a maximum of three months.


There are a number of medications that are not available in South African and we have to submit a patient specific application for these. These medications can only be dispensed for up to six months.