Terms and Conditions

1. Your membership application (Hereinafter referred to as “your application”).

For you to fully understand, and to make full use of the Plan, please carefully read the terms and conditions of the plan that follow immediately below.

    • By submitting your application, you have agreed to join the Valley Farm Animal Hospital (“VFAH”) Pets with a Benefits care plan and to pay the associated recurring monthly premiums for an initial period of 12 months. When completing your application, please be aware of the following:
        • You must please include the details of all animal(s) that are to be covered by your membership of the care plan in your application. Pets that are not included in your application will be excluded therefrom and will be subject to the standard costs and charges levied for treatment by VFAH from time to time in respect of such pets. You and those pets not covered by the care plan will unfortunately not qualify for discounted Medipet insurance rates, as well as any discounts and coupons offered by third-party suppliers from time to time.  

    • By submitting your application, you are warranting to VFAH that:
        • You are a registered client with VFAH under our general terms and conditions of business, and your pet(s) is/are currently under our care. Should you not be a registered client of VFAH, or should your pet/s not be VFAH patients, please click here or contact our reception on 012 991 3573 to register. A registered patient is deemed to be a pet that has been seen and treated at VFAH within the past 4 years.)

        • You shall be responsible for the payment of all monthly amounts that may become due and payable in terms of this contract for the full duration of the initial membership term (being a period of 12 months).

        • You have provided VFAH with complete, accurate, and up-to-date information in relation to the pet(s) that are to be covered by the care plan, and you will inform VFAH immediately should there be any material change in the status of your pet/s health, or of such other factor that may have a detrimental effect on the suitability of your pet/s to be a member of the care plan .

2. How we will process your application

    • You will receive an automated acknowledgment of your application. VFAH will then contact you regarding your application, and on acceptance thereof, a binding contract will automatically come into existence between yourself and VFAH.

    • VFAH will contact you within 12 hours of the submission of your application, Saturdays, Sundays’ and Public Holidays excluded, in which event your application will be processed on the first working day following such Saturday, Sunday and/or Public Holiday, and you will be notified of the outcome within 12 hours of such working day.

    • In the unlikely event that VFAH is unable, or unwilling, to accept your application for any reason whatsoever, such reason being at the sole discretion of VFAH, VFAH will inform you of this decision in writing, and there will be no claims or charges, by either party, the one against the other, as a result of such decision.

3. Plans and Premiums

A range of care plans; Basic, Value, and Premium allows you to choose which care plan is best suited for you and your pet/s.

4. What is covered and what is not

    • It is important that you understand what is covered by your Care Plan, and what is not covered. The Pets with Benefits care plans are not pet insurance plans. However, care plan members do get the option to take out Medipet pet Insurance at a discounted premium. This medical insurance is offered directly by Medipet and will be processed and vetted by Medipet in accordance with their own underwriting policies and in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Go to www.medipet.co.za for more information.

    • VFAH will supply members with products and services as detailed in the table above, and in accordance with the care plan selected.

    • Free and discounted consultations may be used during normal consulting hours, being Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (excluding Public Holidays) for any visit, for any reason, to a VFAH Family Vet. All non-emergency services such as vaccinations, consultations, nail clippings and the like are to be arranged and booked by appointment only.

    • Provided that all monthly premiums are paid and up to date, and that the care plan is current, unlimited nail clipping and anal gland expresses are included in your monthly premium for the full duration of the Care Plan – there is no limit!

    • Any VFAH services or products not included under the plan benefits will be charged at normal rates. These include but are not limited to after-hours consultations, specialist services, diagnostic tests not specified in the plan, medications, operations and procedures not specified in the plan.

5. How to make the most of your benefits

We want you to feel that you are getting the very best value for your money, so please read the following carefully.

    • Sign up and pay. Our plans have no waiting periods, as soon as we have received your first payment (see section 6 below) you can start claiming your benefits. 

    • Make sure that you have your pet on the right plan for their weight. Products such as Bravecto are weight-related, and only products applicable and relevant to the care plan the member is on will be dispensed. Please make sure that you have your pet on the correct plan for it’s weight.

    • Unless emergency treatment is required, please always make an appointment to see an FVAH Vet during consulting hours. As mentioned above, all services including vaccinations, consultations, nail clips etc. are by appointment only.  Should you visit VFAH outside of the prescribed days and times, you will be liable for the full amount of all services, treatment and medications provided, and in such cases you will not qualify for the discounted care plan rates offered.

    • Always use your care plan benefits within their benefit widow. VFAH undertakes to send you reminder SMS’s for the vaccination, deworming and tick & Flea treatment benefits available to you. It is, however, your responsibility to utilise these benefits within the time frames that they are offered. No service or product can be provided under the care plan outside of the benefit window.

    • Read the Terms & Conditions on the special offers and vouchers you receive. As a member of the care plan, you will be provided with vouchers, or discounted products and services, from time to time. All and any vouchers offered are for your personal use only, and may not be transferred or sold to any third party, photocopied, or forwarded or reproduced in any way, nor can they be used at any outlet other than the outlet or service provider named. Most of these offers will have a limited period of availability – please be sure to read their terms and conditions so that you do not miss out.

    • Keep your contact details up to date with us. As a care plan member you will be receiving reminders for services, vouchers with discounts, and other important communications to ensure that you and your pet get maximum benefits available. Please remember to update your preferred cell phone and email address with us should they change.

6. Payments

    • Pay two months, get the third month for free. An initial payment to join the Pets with Benefits care plan shall be 2 (two) monthly premiums payable upon your being notified by VFAH that your application has been accepted. You will not be charged or invoiced for the third month of your membership of the care plan. The aforesaid 3 month period is hereinafter referred to as “the initial contract period”.

    • The full contract period is for a period of 12 (twelve) months, commencing once the initial 2 monthly premiums mentioned above have been made and received by VFAH. Upon the expiry of the initial contract period, a monthly recurring premium contract will automatically follow thereafter, with the due date for monthly premiums to be paid on the anniversary of the inception date every month thereafter. This extended contract will then continue and be in effect for a total period of twelve (12) months, which 12 months includes the initial contract period referred to above.

    • Upon receipt of payment, your benefits are available. Your full membership of the care plan shall commence once VFAH has sent written confirmation to you that your application for membership has been approved, and that VFAH has received you payment.

7. Non-payment

    • In order to continue receiving all your available benefits, including Medipet Insurance discounts, you are required to keep your premium payments fully up to date.

    • Medipet Insurance premium discount reversal. In the event that you have agreed to take out the third party MediPet pet insurance discount exclusive to Pets with Benefits care plan members, any failure to maintain monthly payments due and payable on the care plan will result in the immediate cancellation and/or suspension of your care plan membership, and thereby lead to the cancellation or suspension of your discounted MediPet insurance monthly premium.

    • Late payments will result in a suspension of your benefits. Should you fail to make a monthly care plan premium payment as and when such payments become due and payable, VFAH may, at its sole discretion, suspend your membership immediately with or without notice, and suspend your plan benefits until such time as you have paid VFAH all outstanding amounts in full, alternatively made a payment plan suitable to VFAH. 

    • Non-payment of premiums will result in your plan/s being cancelled or suspended, and there maybe financial penalties. Should you cease making care plan premium payments, and should your membership of the care plan be cancelled or suspended as a result thereof, and further in the event that the benefits you have received are in excess of premium payments made, then and in such event you will be considered to be in debt to VFAH, and you will be invoiced for the difference between premiums paid, and excess benefits received.

    • Should VFAH become aware that you are in breach of any of the terms and conditions of your care plan, VFAH may suspend or terminate your membership immediately.  VFAH will inform you that it has canceled or suspended your membership to the care plan, and what may or can be done by you to re-instate your membership or lift the suspension.

    • You acknowledge that the membership contract is on a monthly rolling basis during which time you shall have access to the membership benefits (including any discounted prices for goods or services we provide, or those provided by our third-party partners).

    • You further acknowledge that to be eligible for any discounted membership prices, your membership must be current, and must be in full force and effect for a minimum of a 12-month continuous period. Should your membership terminate before the expiry of the aforesaid 12-month period, you shall be liable to be back-charged at the full (non-membership) prices for any services that you have received.

    • A membership plan entitles you to discounts for one named pet. Should you have more than one pet, you will require a separate care plan for each pet. Only adult cats and dogs qualify to be accepted for the care plan.

8. VFAH’s right to make changes to the care plan

    •  It may become necessary for VFAH to make minor changes to the care plan from time to time. VFAH may change services offered to care plan members: (a) to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements including any guidelines provided by the SAVC; and (b) to implement minor technical adjustments and improvements, for example to a change in licensed veterinary products or product availability. These changes will not affect your membership in the care plan.

    • More significant changes to the memberships and these terms.
        • In addition to the above, VFAH may make changes to the care plan, or to the membership thereof, for example by removing a membership benefit, or by adding a new one.  Should VFAH elect to do so we will notify the member accordingly, and the member may then contact VFAH to terminate the contract at a month anniversary of membership before the changes taking effect.

        • VFAH may increase the monthly premium for membership by providing the member with 14 days’ notice to this effect.  Should the member wish to discontinue the membership at the revised price they shall be entitled to terminate the contract in accordance with the provisions of clause 9.3 below, provided that such increase is in excess of 5% of the previous membership fee.

        • Should such increase be less than 5% of the previous membership fee, you shall still be entitled to terminate the contract, but in such event you will be liable to be back-charged in accordance with the provisions of clause 9, point 2 below.

    • Professional care: Any products used or prescribed, or any treatments provided or prescribed, are entirely at a vet’s sole discretion.  VFAH reserves the right to substitute an alternative item, if necessary, with one as close as is possible to the original.

9. Your right to terminate the contract

    • How long do I have to change my mind about membership? You shall have a period of 14 (Fourteen) days following the day on which VFAH emails you to confirm that they have accepted your Application to notify VFAH that you no longer wish to proceed with the application and membership to the care plan. Should VFAH already have provided any medications or services under the care plan during the aforesaid period, you will be liable to pay VFAH for the full (non-membership) fees and charges for any medications and services provided during the period, alternatively the amount will be deducted from any cancellation refund due to you.

    • Should you wish to cancel the contract during the first 12month period you are entitled to do so, but please note there may be financial penalties associated with such cancellation. You may cancel the care plan contract at any time by providing VFAH with 30 (Thirty) days’ notice in writing to this effect. There may, however, be associated financial consequences should you have used services and other benefits that exceed premiums paid. A cancellation fee to offset these costs and charges will be required to be paid, alternatively you may remain on the plan until the end of the Initial Contract period provided that monthly premiums remain paid and up to date.

    • Should you wish to cancel the contract within the 12month membership period due to an escalation by VFAH of 6% or more on monthly premiums you may do so within 14days of receiving the notification of the price increase. Your cancellation must be in writing. In such case the Care Plan in respect of that pet will be terminated with immediate effect, and no further premiums will be payable, provided that no payments are overdue. There will be no entitlement to a refund for months already fully or partly paid nor any further services or products supplied under the plan.  

    • In the unfortunate event that your pet may pass away, please inform VFAH. On the death of a pet, you may terminate the care plan in relation to that pet upon giving VFAH notice to this effect. In such case the care plan in respect of that pet will be terminated with immediate effect, and no further premiums will be payable, provided that no payments or premiums are then due, or are overdue. There will be no entitlement to a refund for months already fully or partly paid.

10. Plan renewals

The Plan will automatically renew annually. Automatic renewal of the care plan will be based on the then existing plan, alternatively a more appropriate plan may be offered, depending on your pet’s age, size etc. at such time. A fresh 12 month contract period will then commence. Should you no longer wish to remain a member of the care plan after the expiry of the initial 12month contract period, you shall be required to provide VFAH with 30 (Thirty) day’s notice to this effect, failing which the provisions of this contract shall apply mutatis mutandis to the automatic renewal, and you will be charged and invoiced accordingly.

11. Membership fees

It should be noted that membership fees may be adjusted annually by VFAH to account for inflation, increases in medication costs, increases in the cost of machinery, and the like. Within a period of 30 (Thirty) days prior to the expiry of the 12 month contract term, VFAH will inform the member of any increased membership fee that will apply to the automatic renewal of the care plan in order to allow the member to make an informed decision regarding his/her continued membership of the care plan.

12. Use of third-party suppliers

VFAH makes use of certain third-party suppliers for additional discounts and services. By making Application to join the care plan you hereby consent to, and authorise VFAH to forward your personal details to such third parties for marketing and communication purposes. Nothing in this contract obliges you to communicate with any third-party supplier, nor to accept any of their services and/or discounts offered, and you are entitled to opt out of these at any time should the offers be of no interest to you.

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