Pet Owner Charter

Pet Owner Charter

Owning a pet is a privilege not a right

I have chosen to own a pet

I understand that a pet is for life

I am responsible for my pet’s health and wellbeing, I will…

  • ensure my pet has a proper diet and clean water at all times
  • make sure I can afford, and that my pet receives necessary veterinary care including disease preventative treatments such as vaccinations
  • commit to spending time with my pet on a daily basis to ensure they get exercise, affection and mental stimulation
  • provide a dry, safe place for my pet to sleep 

I will be a responsible pet owner by…

  • having my pet sterilised to prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases
  • ensuring my pet has some form of identification such as a microchip
  • not allowing my pet to be a nuisance in the neighbourhood or when out exercising.
  • training and socialising my dog before taking it out so that it is always under my control
  • picking up and correctly dispose of my dog’s faeces and my cat’s litter tray contents
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