Park Etiquette

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With the lower lockdown level, a lot more people are taking to the local dog park with Fido.  Movies paint a picture of a tranquil environment where dogs and people alike get along fine.  Unfortunately, this is not the reality.


In reality, social as well as unsocial dogs are taken to the park as well as vaccinated and unvaccinated animals.  Very often people will walk up to you and allow their dog to sniff yours with the phrasing “my dog is friendly”.  That might well be the case, but what if my dog is not?


Good Dog Park Etiquette is to ask before allowing your dog to sniff at another dog or allowing your dog to greet another person.


An individual might decline your requests for various reasons such as:

  • Their dog might not be social or is aggressive.
  • They might be busy training their dog to be calm in a new environment or they might be working on previous commands while adding distractions.
  • They might have a scared dog that does not do well with strangers.
  • Or the person might have had a previous bad experience at the dog park, whatever a person’s reasons, one should always respect them.


Good Dog Park Etiquette does not stop there, it also includes picking up your dog’s poop. 

This could hold a serious health risk as worms could be transmitted by infected dog poop or even Giardia.  There is nothing worse than having to run after your pup that picked up poop from another dog that was left in the dog park. For this reason we recommend deworming your dog monthly with a broad spectrum dewormer as well as teaching your dog the command DROP IT.

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