Dr Claudia Bakker BVSc

Dr Claudia Bakker BVSc

Dr Claudia Bakker has joined us as an intern, rotating through all the hospital departments learning new skills and improving her knowledge. She also joins our GP team for half of every day and sees consultations. 

After graduating as a veterinarian from Ondersteepoort she did her community service year at Themba Animal Clinic in Hammanskraal. It was an extremely busy clinic and she enjoyed working with all kinds of animals. Whilst studying veterinary science she joined the Beagle interest group committee in her 4th year so as to indulge one of her interests, dog training.

Dr Claudia knew she wanted to be a vet form the age of 7 when her dog needed surgery for intervertebral disc disease!

She has an interest in surgery and emergency critical care.

In her spare time I dabble in powerlifting, rowing and wildlife photography.



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