Orthopaedic surgery

A large number of pets require orthopaedic surgery at some point during their life time, some due to developmental abnormalities such as hip or elbow dysplasia and others after a trauma such as a fracture.

Valley Farm Animal Hospital is well equipped for the investigation of lameness offering direct digital radiography and an on-site CT scanner.

We have a wide array of equipment and implants to fix any type of fracture. Implants include external skeletal fixators, standard plating systems as well as locking plate systems. The implants and advance diagnostics allow us to handle complex cases like angular limb deformity corrections.

Arthroscopy is offered as a diagnostic and treatment option for various joint related conditions. General joint surgeries like ligament ruptures (including cruciate ligaments). For cruciate ligament injuries we have a vast array of techniques that we practice based on the anatomy of your dog’s knee and bones (including TTA, CBLO and CBLO).

There are some situations and some cases when surgery is not an option. Other treatments can be discussed. For these cases that are joint related (e.g. arthritis) we also offer stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma injections intra-articular.

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