Radiology or X-ray as it is more commonly known is a vital diagnostic tool and used extensively at Valley Farm. It can be used to diagnose problems with bony tissues such as fractures, joint issues as well as some soft tissue areas such as the lungs and abdomen.

High quality equipment, skilled technicians and experienced veterinarians ensure that the x-rays taken of pets give us the most information possible.  There are instances where x-ray is not the best imaging technique to use, we are very lucky at Valley Farm to have a CT scanner for these cases, very often soft tissue, neurological cases.

Many x-rays are taken in emergency situations after a trauma such as a pet being hit by a car or after a dog fight. In these instances, it can be contra indicated to give sedation or an anaesthetic so a digital DR system that we have allows us to get high quality images and we are able to optimise the exposure digital should we need to.

Digital x-rays can be stored and emailed easily.

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