Meet Layla a nearly 7 yr old Golden Retriever

My eyesight has slowly been getting worse lately.  Mommy had me at our vet for a check and we got referred to Valley Farm Animal Hospital to see the eye specialist.

One early morning, mommy, Lambie and me were off to meet with the eye specialist.  (Lambie is my stuffed sheep toy – he goes everywhere with me).  When we met with the specialist my sight was already very hazy, but I could still see enough to not bump into things.

As we made our way into the consult room mommy led the way.   The vet introduced herself and explained to mommy what she wanted to do during my exam.  I don’t like the dark very much so I held on to Lambie when she switched off the lights to examine my eyes.

After the exam was done she explained to mommy that I would need some more eyedrops before having my cataract surgery.  The specialist explained to mommy that I would need bilateral cataract surgery (that means surgery on both my eyes).

I was a bit scared knowing that I would be going in for eye surgery.  The thought of having somebody work close to my eye totally freaked me out.  I have gotten use to having eye drops administered, but surgery was something totally different.   I was not sure how I would be able to hold still for surgery.

As the days went by and we were getting closer to my surgery date mommy and I read up more about my surgery.   I was amazed to hear that the specialist inserts a tiny probe into the affected eye.   The probe then emits ultrasound waves that soften and break up the cataract so that it can be removed by suction.

On the day of my surgery mommy and Lambie drove me to the vet.  Mommy said her goodbyes after they admitted me to hospital while Lambie patiently sat with me in my cage.   Shortly after being admitted the anaesthesiologist came around to explain to me, they were going to make me sleep while the surgery was performed.  This confused me a bit as I was not sure how they expected me to hold my eyes open while I was asleep.  Surely your eyes are closed when you sleep?

I was very nervous when I had to say goodbye to Lambie when they took me through to theatre.  Even though my sight was hazy I could make out a large theatre with bright lights and a weird looking machine.

As if the nurse could see me eyeing the machine the he explained that it was the microscope that they use during eye surgeries.  The microscope helps the specialist see the delicate details of my eye.  Our conversation was cut short when the anaesthesiologist said they were going to shave my leg for my IV catheter.  He spoke to me gently while holding my paw.

They shaved a small section of my paw before cleaning the area and administering my anaesthesia via an IV catheter.  I was still counting Lambie’s extensive family when I drifted off to sleep.


When I woke up in my cage I found Lambie cuddling close to me.  Wasn’t that a sight for sore eyes (no pun intended).   I was so happy to see Lambie, I mean really see him.  My vision although a bit fuzzy was a major improvement on the hazy vision I had before.   I decided to rest my eyes as I was not sure I could believe the clear images I was seeing.

I squeezed my eyes shut again and when I opened them the same amazing thing happened….  I could see clearer images than before.

All of a sudden I remembered words to a song I once heard on the radio..  I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way, gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, It’s gonna be a bright (bright) Bright (bright) sunshiny day..

And my,  what a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day it was.

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