Meet Cody an 8-week-old Border Collie

I have not been with my new family for very long but I already love them.  I have met so many new things in the last few days. 



One of them is a large shiny thing with panels that opens. My new mommy picked me up in this large shiny thing.  She opened one of the panels and then placed me inside the shiny thing on some sort of sofa.  Mommy called this a car seat – whatever that means. 

Once we got to my new home, I was introduced to so many new things, from new smells to bright vibrant colours, new textures and new sounds.

My new experiences did not end there. Mommy loaded me in the shiny thing (car) once again and said she was taking me to the vet for a check-up and some puppy vaccinations.

Once the car stopped mommy opened the panel and picked me up from the safety of the car seat. She gave me a quick cuddle and we walked into a large building. Some very friendly receptionists met us and then showed us where the waiting area was.

After a few short minutes we were met by another friendly lady who introduced herself as the vet. She showed us her consult room and made mommy and me feel at ease. After chatting to mommy about my habits she asked that I be placed on the consult table.

Mommy slowly picked me up and my feet touched the consult table. I was unsure of what to do and tried jumping back in mommy’s arms. Once again mommy placed me on the table and both mommy and the vet reassured me that everything was going to be ok.

The vet then spoke to me in a gentle tone while explaining to me that she was going to examine me. She looked at my eye, nose, ears and then opened my mouth to look at my teeth. She also touched my ribs, tummy and felt my toes. Al of this seemed ok, until she lifted my tail and poked something up my bum. You can imagine my horror.

It felt like an eternity and I tried wiggling to get the thing out. All of a sudden, I heard a loud peep and voila, I was no longer being violated. The vet looked at me and told me my temperature was normal. I am not sure what a temperature is, but I definitely don’t like having it taken.

Next the vet took some small bottles from the special fridge and said she would now be vaccinating me. She held a sharp object which she poked into the bottles and it looked like she mixed two things together. Dr said this was the freeze-dried part of the vaccine that she mixed with the diluent.

Next, she took me by my scruff like my doggy mommy use to do and then I felt a small pinch. The vet then rubbed my neck and told me what a good boy I have been. I couldn’t believe my vaccination was over.
The vet gave me a cuddle and a treat before telling mommy she wants to see us again in 3 weeks for my next vaccination.

Dr also told mommy about the “desensitization” program they have where they help any pet cope with the stress of coming to the vet. Maybe I need to ask mommy to book me a visit before my next vaccination.

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