Info for referring Veterinarians

Thank you for entrusting Valley Farm Animal Hospital with your patient’s specialist treatment. We are a multi-disciplinary facility and accept referral cases for surgery, diagnostics, medical care, ophthalmic exams and surgery, critical care, renal dialysis, breeding and reproduction and infectious isolation hospitalisation.

How to refer a patient
All patients must be referred by a veterinary practice.

Except in the case of emergencies all referrals are seen by appointment only. Please call and make an appointment or ask your client to do so. If you would rather book directly on line please click here , our contact number is 012 991 3573.

Ensure the client knows to starve their pet on the morning of the appointment.  We know many clients have far to travel so we try when possible to admit the pet on the same day for work-ups, operations etc.

Cost estimates can be given at the time of booking and we strongly advise giving clients an accurate cost estimate before making the referral. If you would like a price list please request one by email  For a more accurate estimate please contact us and we will assist you. Radiographs can be sent by What’s App to 066 302 2901 or email to

Please provide the client with a case history, radiographs and test results – the more information the better. If you would rather email these to the practice please use  or you can What’s App to 066 302 2901

Surgical referrals
  • Dr Tim Krafft (special interest GP) take referrals of all surgical cases including cruciate repairs, fractures, spinal surgery, BOAS surgery (with specialist anesthetist) and soft tissue surgery.
Medical referrals

Should you wish us to provide only diagnostic services such as a CT or sonar scan we will be very happy to do so. We will still need some basic information to determine the risk of the procedure to the patient and the relevance of the procedure. Please be aware that if only a procedure is requested, ONLY the results of the procedure will be forwarded to you.

  • Dr Lo-An Odayar (Specialist Ophthalmologist) is with us on Monday and Tuesday for all ophthalmic cases. She operates weekly performing extraocular and intraocular surgeries including cataract surgery / phacoemulsification.
Anaesthesia and Pain Management
Over-night and critical care patients 

Valley Farm Animal Hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and we offer a well-equipped High Care Ward. Please call us before 18:00 for overnight cases so we can prepare all the necessary accommodation and equipment. Please ensure the patient is sent with all necessary information for us to continue care and react appropriately should a crises arise.

All patients will be referred back to you when treatment is completed, or for ongoing after-care if necessary. You will be sent a detailed report on discharge of the patient. If you do not receive a referral report, please contact us and we will remedy this as soon as possible.


Please ensure your client is aware that we require a 50% deposit on admission to the hospital and all accounts must be settled in full when the patient leaves the hospital. We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. We have secure access to the internet for electronic transfers. For pets insured with Medipet or OnePlan and accounts in excess of R5,000 we can process direct claims and may in some circumstances not require a deposit for these pets. We have also partnered with Mediwallet for those clients that need financial assistance.

Referral Price List March 2023

  • The list below covers most of the common types of cases referred to us but we are able to assist with other less common conditions, please contact us for an estimate if you do not see what you need here.


  • Whilst we have tried to include all expected expenses these are just estimates and a more tailored cost can be given after the initial consultation / examination.

Please send patient history, reports, test results and radiographs for all referral patients.

 Patients will be admitted on day of consultation and should arrive having been starved for 12hrs

Medical work up

 Inc. Consultation and most necessary diagnostic work.

R9,000 – R14,000

A patient can be referred for diagnostic test only but will need to see one of our veterinarians for a consultation before we proceed.      

                                              Prices below do NOT include the consultation.

 CT Scan

Incl. Anaesthetic, CT scan and report

Contrast as necessary

 R6,000 – R8,000

Ultrasound scan


R1,200 – R2,800

Endoscopy examination

Nasal Scope and CT of nose



R8,000 – R10,000



(Pretoria Pet MRI situated on-site)

Inc. anaesthetic, MRI scan and report



CSF collection and analysis  

Inc. anaesthetic, CSF sampling and analysis



 Such as squamous cell carcinomas, fibrosarcoma, melanoma and mast cell tumours specifically when lesions are in difficult surgical positions to obtain clear margins. Chemo medication injected and electro therapy applied under anaesthetic. Most Patients only need one treatment   

For more information contact Dr Ryan Friedlein on 082 379 9056


Inc. specialist consultation

R5,000 – R6,000

 Follow up treatment


R3,500 – R4,500

  •  Only for canine patients >13Kg body weight
  • The below prices do NOT include sedation for the duration of the dialysis treatment as most pets will not need.
  • All except Subsequent treatment include the cost of central venous catheter placement.  
  • Acute cases usually need +/- 3 session
  • Chronic cases usually need twice weekly sessions
  • For more information contact Dr Marinell Breytenbach at  

Renal Dialysis   

Acute and chronic renal Failure.

Heart failure with pulmonary oedema  


Subsequent treatments



Plasma Exchange Dialysis

Immune mediated disease


Activated Charcoal Dialysis

Acute intoxication


 Useful for cranial and spinal trauma / IVDD recovery, also to assist delayed bone healing, skin healing.

 One hour session

Patient size limited by size of chamber to +/- 20Kg dog


 Currently used for pain management of osteoarthritis cases, keratoconjunctivitis sicca and cycad toxicity treatment. For more information 
contact Sr. Eugeni Koegelenberg at   


 R13,000 – R18,000


With Dr Lo-an Odayar


Stem Cell Therapy

For keratoconjunctivitis sicca

R13,000 – R16,000

 Cataract surgery unilateral  

Inc. ERG and ultrasound


 Cataract surgery bilateral

Inc. ERG and ultrasound


 Replacement lens on above

Price per lens



Specialist Anaesthetist




 All cost estimates given include the surgery as stated and post op care for 24hrs after the surgery. Pre-op stabilisation and workups are not included neither is ongoing post op care, physio or revisits for dressings or x-rays.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Fractures: For more accurate estimate send X-rays to or by What’s App to 066 302 2901



–        Ilium

–        Sacroiliac luxation per side

–        Acetabulum


R17,000 – R25,000


R22,500 – R29,000

 Long bones

–        Plate Osteosynthesis

–        Large / complicated


–        External skeletal fixation




R17,000 – R24,000

Up to R35,000


R15,000- R20,000

Surgery of the thoracic limb  


–        OCD per side

–         Biceps release





R12,550 – R16,600



–        T or Y fractures


–        Fragmented Medical Coronoid








Surgery of the Pelvic limb


–        FHNE

–        Open reduction







–        TPLO


–        CCW (cranial closing wedge)


–        TTA


–        CBLO


–        Extracapsular


–        MPL: Tibial crest transposition


–        MPL: Ridgestop


Small dogs less than 15Kg

Large dogs

Small dogs less than 15Kg


Small dogs less than 15Kg


Small dogs less than 10Kg



Small dogs 5kg to 15Kg

Large dogs

Small dogs 5Kg to 15Kg

Large dogs





R22,000 – R24,000

R28,000 – R34,000



R24,000 – R28,000








The estimates listed include the necessary imaging required to diagnose and 5 days post-operative hospitalisation


Disc disease

Small dogs less than 15Kg

Large dogs

R30,00 – R35,000

R38,000 – R45,000

Vertebral fracture


R35,000 – R45,000

Atlantoaxial subluxation



Cardio / respiratory

Laryngeal debarking



Laryngeal tie back



Brachycephalic syndrome surgery


Inc: soft pallet resection, nares


Lung lobectomy


R28,000 – R34,000




Abdominal – GIT

Exploratory Laparotomy

With histopathology samples

R16,000 – R20,000

GDV including gastropexy

If medically stable

R14,000 – R20,000

Gastrotomy / enterotomy

Inc. two nights post-operative hospitalisation  




Inc. two nights post- operative hospitalisation


Abdominal – Urinary  


Inc. two nights post- operative hospitalisation  



–        Perineal

–        Scrotal

Inc. three nights post- operative hospitalisation  


R16,00 – R19,000


Consultation Fee


With Dr Dorianne Elliot

NB: We are unable to assist with venomous snakes and large primates.



Bird Grooming


Wings, Beak, Nails


Per area: R115

Rabbit Dental


Simple no extractions. Includes GA



Consultation Fee

 With Dr Susan Fouche


Follow up Consultation fee

 With Dr Susan Fouche


 For all of the below add a consultation fee for the first visit and a follow up consultation for subsequent visits

Oestrous Monitoring

Inc. Vaginoscopy and vaginal cytology


Breeding Soundness exam for Male dogs

Inc. Semen collection and evaluation (BSE)


Artificial Insemination – Fresh semen

Inc. Semen collection and evaluation and insemination


Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy ultrasound


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