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Info for referred clients

Information for referred

Your veterinarian has referred your pet to Valley Farm Animal Hospital for specialist care. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and you will have lots of questions for us. The information below will help answer some of these and ease the process for you.

Preparing for your consultation

Unless it is an emergency, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with the veterinarian. Please call 012 991 3573 or click here to book your appointment online if your veterinarian has not done this already.

If it is an emergency we are open 24hours a day every day so please just come in.

Click for contact details and directions.

The more information we have from your veterinarian about your pet’s condition the better. Your pet’s medical history, recent test results and x-rays help us prepare for your visit. Please ensure your veterinarian gives you this information or ask them to email it to us at

If your veterinarian has not given you an estimate of costs and you would like one before coming please call in and ask our reception team to help you.  For insured pets it is sometimes possible for us to get pre-approval from some of the companies. Please discuss this with our reception staff if you want ensure your pet’s cover is adequate.

Your pet may need an anesthetic when they come to see us so please make sure they are ready for this. They should not be allowed to eat after 10pm the night before and no breakfast on the morning. They can have water. If you have a diabetic pet please discuss this with our veterinarians before starving  your pet.

On the day of the consultation
On arrival at the practice you will need to complete a registration form and we will make a copy of your ID / driver license. Please arrive 10 minutes ahead of your appointment time so the paperwork can be taken care of. If your pet is insured please bring their insurance details so we can assist you with the claim.

Our veterinarians will assess all the information your vet has sent as well as the details you provide along with a clinical examination of your pet. They will discuss their finding with you and make further recommendations. Should your pet need diagnostic tests or surgery they will be admitted to the hospital. We prefer to do all the necessary work on the day of the appointment as we know you will be concerned. Should it be advisable, or you wish, we can schedule for a future date. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that is what we are here for, to make sure you are fully informed on your pet’s medical needs.

Pets referred to us remain patients of their own vet. Valley Farm will only treat the condition for which your pet has been referred, unless a serious condition is incidentally found and requires treatment.

Please note that should your pet need follow-up appointments for bandage changes, x-rays etc. these are NOT included in the first estimate unless specifically stated.

We do not run accounts and payment for all treatment will be required at the time of consultation / treatment. A 50% deposit is payable for all patients admitted to the hospital and the balance due on collection. If your pet has to stay with us please ask the doctor to update you on the costs each day.

We do our best to work with all the pet insurance companies –  For more information on insured pets please click here. 

For pets insured with Medipet or Oneplan we can submit direct claims so long as the deposit amount has been paid to us. We only do this for account in excess of R5,000 and we prefer to get pre approval before we do this. Ask our reception staff about this.

We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. We have secure access to the internet for electronic transfers.

Banking details for EFT

  • Bank:Nedbank
  • Branch Code:169745
  • Account Number:1697011306
  • Use your surname and pet’s name, or your client number – at the bottom left of your invoice – as the reference number. 
  • Email the proof of payment to

For vet bills that are a bit of stretch, Valley Farm Animal Hospital has partnered with Mediwallet. They offer loans for veterinary work. Loan amounts are from as little as R500 up to R100 000. Repayments can be scheduled over 18 months. Pre-approval is quick, and an exact amount can be approved within 15 minutes. To start the process SMS your first name, surname, ID number and gross monthly income to 48832.

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