Identipet BioThermo microchips

Identipet BioThermo microchips

Between 15th December 2019 and 15th January 2020 valley Farm Animal Hospital assisted with over 80 stray and feral animals. Some were injured or even dead on arrival but most were perfectly healthy pets that had got out of their homes and could not find their way back. We managed to reunite 43 of these with their owners. 100% of the pets that had microchips with up to date owner details were reunited. 

Make a Booking to get your pet Microchipped

Tags on collars do get lost and unscrupulous people can deliberately remove them. Rather be safe than sorry and get your pet micro-chipped.

A microchip is a way of permanently identifying your pet. The chip, which is the size a grain of rice, is implanted/injected under the skin between the shoulder blades, no anaesthetic required.

This chip’s unique bar code can be read by scanners held at veterinary practices and rescue centres. These organisations have access to the data base of all animals with chips, and so can trace an owner very quickly.

As the owner you will have access to your pet’s details on the database and will be able to update and amend details as often as needed.  

Many veterinary practices will only perform basic emergency treatment on a stray pet. Any further treatment will be delayed until the owner is traced. If your pet has a micro-chip you will be contacted immediately and full medical care can be discussed with you. 

If your pet strays and is picked up and taken to an organisation with a scanner they will be able trace you within minutes. No sleepless nights, no driving around searching, no ploughing through social media devoted to lost and found pets or making posters for the lamp posts. 

At Valley Farm Animal Hospital we use Identipet BioThermo microchips, these are safe with special Bio-Bond technology to prevent them migrating.  BioThermo chips also allow us to scan them for an approximate body temperature for your pet.

Indentipet’s on line database is accessible 24 hours a day and their App that you can download for your cell phone will send you an alert if your pet’s chip is scanned and will allow you to link with the PET SOS network should your pet go missing.   

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