Hairy Hounds grooming at Valley Farm

To book your dog or cat for grooming, please call Dave on 083 268 6164.

Hairy Hounds business hours are:

  • Tuesday to Friday:  08:00 with last pets in at 14:00
  • Saturday: 07:30 with last pets in at 14:00

 We do provide a home collection and drop off service in the local area.

More about grooming

Grooming of your pet plays an integral part in your pet’s wellbeing and health care. All types of coats, when washed and groomed make for happy pets and happy owners.

We recommend grooming starts at an early age, as this allows for the pet to be able to adjust to the situation and to make the whole grooming experience enjoyable for both pet and pet owner. Experience of this has shown time and again how well pets handle this process when this procedure is followed.

Our handlers and groomers are very experienced and even older pets that are unused to grooming generally settle down and allow us to do the job.

There are a number of breeds that will require professional grooming. This can be determined when checking for the breed which you and your family wish to make part of your home.  We don’t recommend clipping of doubled coated dogs. How ever this may change on medical advice.

We can clip and style breeds to their specific standards as requested.

We all live very busy lives and we are not always aware that there may be skin issues or injuries that have occurred. Your groomer is likely to find these and bring these matters to your attention.

We work on an appointment basis, therefore ensuring that your pet will get the desired attention.

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