CBD use in Pets

CBD (Cannabidiol) is only one of over 80 chemical compounds than make up cannabis. The psychoactive part, the bit that makes you high is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD is being increasingly used in the treatment of pets. It’s pharmacological action is said to work for everything from pain to cancer to irritable bowel disease and much in between. There is some but not much in the way of scientific studies to back up these claims.

What we do know is not all CBD oil is created equal. Some oils are called Full Spectrum CBD oil, this means that it will contain a little of some of the other cannabis chemical compounds, including THC. These oils are often better therapeutically for humans but THC is not advisable in pets. THC of even 3-4% in the oil can cause dangerous levels of intoxication in pets.

Veterinary CBD oil should be Pure or Isolate, meaning just CBD is present. It is important to use a quality product that shows enough information for an informed purchase to be made.

What we also know is that CBD shares important metabolic pathways with NSAID like Rimadyl. This means that we can expect that it will help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis by reducing the associated pain. It also seems to be particularly useful in pets with back pain for intervertebral disc disease. CBD oil with less than 0.02% THC is sometimes used for anxiety and seizures in dogs. This must always be used under veterinary supervision.

Although our veterinarians do from time to time dispense CBD oil it will be as an adjunctive treatment. The range that we use comes certified allowing us to be confident in it’s safety. If you are using or are considering using CBD oil we would advise that you discuss this with your vet.







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