Birds and Exotic Pets 

Dr Dorianne Elliott will be practicing from VFAH every Thursday between 9.30am and 1pm.

To make an appointment to see Dr Dorianne please click here 

Dr Elliott is an avian and exotic animal veterinarian and treats birds, reptiles, fish and exotic animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and hedgehogs. She sees both first opinion and referral cases and can assist with anything from wing and nail trims in parrots right up to referral surgeries such as the pinning of fractured legs. At Valley Farm she has access to advanced diagnostic equipment as well as experienced assistants and can offer you the world class veterinary care that Valley Farm is known for.

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with venomous snakes and large primates at this time but Dr Dorianne can see these at her Ondersteeport practice.

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