Baby boom!

It is said that an unsterilised female cat can give rise to 420,000 other cats! On average only 1 cat out of 12 gets a forever home. That means a potential 385,000 unwanted cats!

Cats can come in to heat as early as four months of age and can get pregnant. If you have an unsterilised female cat that you allow outside chances are you will be contributing to the 385,000 unwanted cats in nine weeks-time!!!

Un-spayed cats that are on-heat and come in to contact with male cats WILL become pregnant. Cats are stimulated ovulators. This means that they ovulate when they are mated, almost guaranteeing they will become pregnant. Female cats come into heat and will continue an on / off heat cycle for several months unless mated or spayed.

The spay operation is a day procedure and most cats are almost 100% back to normal by the following morning, they just need to be kept quiet to allow the wound time to heal. We perform spay operations Monday to Friday and they must be pre booked.

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