Article – Anti-parasitic treatments

Pets can be plagued by bugs both external; fleas, mites and ticks and internal worms. Very often owners do not see these but pets do feel their effects. Regular anti-parasitic treatments with safe, affordable, easy to administer products can keep them away. At Valley Farm Animal Hospital we stock a range of products to suit all pets. Please pop in or call and ask our staff’s advice.



Ticks and Fleas

Fleas are often just a nuisance causing just a little discomfort to pets. Ticks on the other hand can carry life threatening diseases such as Babesia.

For more information on tick born diseases click here.


Prevention / treatments are either topical in the form of a “spot-on’ such as Bravecto or as tablets such as Bravecto (given once every three months) or Simparica (given monthly).

Following the directions on the packet is essential and it is highly recommended that you use them year round as our winters are becoming very mild and we are seeing cases of Babesia almost throughout the entire year.



Regular deworming keeps pets worm free which is important as many of these worms can be transmitted to humans as well. Puppies and Kittens should be de-wormed monthly until they are six months of age.


Adult dogs and cats should be dewormed at least four times a year, pets that live with young children, sleep, eat or kiss their owners should be de-wormed monthly. Milbemax palatable tablets are our de-wormer of choice as they are safe, effective and easy to give. For those concerned with Spircerca Lupi worms monthly deworming with Milbmax is essential.


Some products such as Boradline for cats and Revolution have a cross over effect on worms and ticks and fleas.

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