Food, Glorious Food

Food…Glorious food!  

The festive season is one of the busiest for staff at Valley Farm Animal Hospital, we deal with more emergencies at this time than any other time of the year. Food-related problems are among the more common emergencies.

During this December/January holiday period we all tend to overindulge and, unfortunately, that extends to our pets.

There are many human foods that are not good for our pets, and some can really be quite toxic.

It is important that you know that foods such as chocolate, onions, grapes, nuts and avocados can be toxic to pets, so please don’t feed them any of these. Xylitol the artificial sweetener is found in many products and can cause liver damage, please take care when giving human food as a treat. 

Braai time can also be a hazard for pets; mealie cobs are a common cause of intestinal obstruction that require an operation. Sosatie sticks that are eaten can also cause very serious problems, especially if they perforate the intestines. Biltong is very salty and fatty and should not be given as a treat to pets.

We strongly suggest that you do not give your dog bones. Bones can get stuck in the mouth or somewhere in the intestinal tract, again requiring surgery to remove. Bones can also become impacted, causing very sever constipation. 

Be aware that large amounts of fatty food (cheese, fat from meat, butter, cream) can cause a very painful and serious disease called pancreatitis.

Human foods are often high in calories which cause weight gain if fed often or may be high in fat, that if consumed in large quantities, can maybe cause very painful Pancreatitis.

Many pets fed food they are not used to get upset tummies; the extra excitement, lack of routine and hot weather can compound this. 

There are plenty of pet treats on the market so it is not necessary to risk making your pet poorly. We have a Festive range in stock including an Advent calendar with dog treats, pet biltong, chew bones, catnip, popcorn, doggie chocolates, even “wine” and “beer”.

A good quality diet helps our pets maintain a healthy body.

Premium pet foods on the market may look expensive but when you work out how much they actually cost to feed each day, you will see the that is often less than a take-away coffee!

If you want to know more please pop in to our shop and ask one of our professional staff members to work out what it would cost to feed your pets on a super-premium pet food.  

Bon Appetit

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