Our Team – After Hours Emergency Veterinarians

We have a team dedicated to working after-hours as emergency veterinarians. Our after-hours team are a close-knit group. The veterinarians are supported by nurses, animal health techs and kennel staff.

This team are unflappable in a crisis and are well versed in dealing with frequently encountered problems such as pets involved in a road traffic accidents, major medical crisis, extreme bite wounds. They are even there for minor issues when a concerned pet owner just needs reassurance.

These are  experienced veterinarians with a broad base of knowledge, helping to ensure the best possible outcome. They are responsible for all hospitalized patients throughout the night as well as emergency consultations.

There is an on-call team of veterinarians including surgeons, anesthetists and critical care staff should they be needed.

Our after-hour veterinarians also work in the day from time to time. This is to ensure they keep up to date with general veterinary work.

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