Pet Medical Insurance

We STRONGLY recommend pet medical insurance.

We work with all the pet insurance companies and will do all that we can to assist you with your claim. Invoices will be submitted as they are billed to the owner, no changes will be made.

At the beginning of treatment please inform us if your pet is insured and give us your pet’s insurance details.

All of the insurance companies work a little differently.

These are the ones with deal with most often.


No Claim form is required we will submit your claim directly from our system.

Pre authorisation can be obtained for large accounts if necessary if you are concerned about the cover you have for your pet.

We can submit a direct claim (request that Medipet pay us) for accounts of R5,000 or more. We will require a deposit payment on these of 20% of the total expected account. Any over / under payments will be sorted out after Medipet has paid us.


The Oneplan Card is used for Day and Illness visits (vet visits & routine care). You would need to upload these types of visit on your OnePlan app along with an invoice (clients can log the claim on the app before the visit to pay and upload invoice after vet visit). If necessary, we can complete a claim form for the illness visits. These claims are paid onto your OnePlan card and never directly to the vet.

For in-hospital treatments, it is best for you to request OnePlan for pre authorisation for these types of procedures if possible, especially if you are concerned about the cover your pet has. We can submit a direct claim (request that OnePlan pay us) for accounts R5, 000 or more. We will require a deposit payment on these of 20% of the account if you do not have the Excess Buster. If you do have the Excess Buster then there is no need for a deposit payment but then a pre authorisation WILL be necessary. Any over / under payments will be sorted out after OnePlan has paid us.

All other Pet Insurance including Dotsure/Petsure/Outsurance

You will need to have a claim form completed by the attending veterinarian each time for treatment, with the exception of OUTsurance who work online.

It is always the owners’ responsibility to find out if you have sufficient cover for a condition or procedure.

Sorry but we are unable to submit direct claims to any company other than Medipet and Oneplan, this means we will need to be paid in full before we can submit the claim. You must submit your own claims, as we do not have all the necessary information and most require an owners signature. Some companies such as OUTsurance will not allow us any communication on your behalf.

In all cases it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure you have adequate cover and we accept no responsibility for claims declined due to insufficient cover, pet being in the waiting period, conditions not covered by the policy etc.

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